Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall into Autumn

No matter what you call it, a lot of people are excited that yesterday finally arrived, I believe at 3:44 PM central standard time.

A few weeks ago I posted on my blog, that it 'un-officially' began Labor Day Weekend.  Anything for a celebration and a sale.... I guess.

But it's finally here...

Fall Harvest

WEEK #39 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - Fall

I brought out my 'fall decorations' a few weeks ago. 
It's not that I'm wishing the seasons by, but I was ready to change out some of my home decor.  I can't help but 'fall' in love with all the bright reds, oranges and yellows.  Especially when I go into Hobby Lobby almost every week and the foliage and wreathes, and the bows and the raffia and the card making papers are so darn cute. And then of course there are... the pumpkin spice drinks, the sweaters and scarves, the changing leaves, corn stalks, scarecrows, hay rides, apple picking, festivals etc....
I try to recycle or re-use or up cycle or thrift shop for things.  Anything from clothes to cooking supplies. It's the challenge of the find.
The old chair in the top photo (my mom found on garbage day or somewhere)  has been sitting around waiting for something to do forever.  I just haven't gotten around to painting it, but it fits the rustic look. That's natural wear and tear on the edges of the chair!

I've had the sunflowers, the fall leaves and the pumpkin for what seems like forever.  I just dust them off, pull the cobwebs clean and try to rearrange them each year.  I found the tub at $avers for $4.  It still had the tag on from Home Goods at $15.99.  I was going to paint it... but I liked it.  Everything does kind of blend into my house color... but then the orange pops out.  I found the metal scarecrow at Old Time Pottery and it was $4.99.

And the fun sprigs of color in the ball jar (in the 2nd photo) is something I 'whipped' up last year after seeing hundreds of different uses for glass ball jars on Pinterest.  Fits my decorating purpose, perfectly!!

Do you like it when the season's change? Simple pleasure or LIFE altering?

LIFE starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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