Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Left-Handed Logic

Is it just me???

I am so excited to find out that left-handed people have their own logic. 

Of course, if you are a righty... you really don't even have a clue what I'm talking about.... because almost 90% of the world is set up for those who are right handed.

I too have used my left-handedness as an excuse because I was unable to do something and felt uncomfortable with tools and activities .... cutting, ironing, vacuuming, hitting a ball, painting, serving food... the list goes on.
There is a forum I visited recently that made me smile... it was a list of things a left-hander finds odd or difficult to do... I too have often flipped a magazine from back to front, my check marks on a survey or a test are backwards, I sometimes extend my left hand when I shake someones hand, I do a little dance on the sidewalk trying to figure out which side I'm supposed to walk on crossing the path of another person.... some lefties have trouble with upside belt buckles or zippers, signing a sales receipt when its held down on the right side of the counter, papers in hanging files are upside down, difficulty with locks and keys and tying shoes.

Often left-handed people just think differently and even feel self-conscious when someone points out that they have backward thinking or backward logic.

I always thought I was a little different, and I never quite understood why. 

Well, now I know one of the reasons why my thinking and doing is so different.  I now love the fact that I'm unique and always in my RIGHT mind! I'm proud to be left-handed!!!

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