Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today I Celebrate my Rights!

I am so excited to share this weeks' simple pleasure.

As a small child I never thought much about it.

As a teenager it really felt awkward.

Later, I realized I was so different.

Then I met others like me.

I'm pretty unique and special, and now I understand what was so different about me.

I wish I could have had the correct tools to make things simpler.

I can admit it now.... the condition I have is SINISTRALITY!!!!

In science we learn that the right hemisphere controls the left side of our body... it controls music art, creativity, perception, emotions, genius and holistic thinking!

Week #33 LIFE'S simple pleasures - being LEFT handed (or accepting something total unique to you)

Today, August 13 is International Left-handers day!!!  It's a day for people like me to celebrate our right to be left-handed.

If you are a righty.... you'll never really get it!  But if you are left-handed you understand what it is like to constantly adapt to a right handed world.

I've read that anywhere between 13 to fifteen percent of the population is left-handed. That is a small percentage to the rest of the world... especially for those that never think about the difficulty of writing in a notebook with the ring binding in the way, or scissors that aren't molded to our hand, or pencil sharpeners that we have to crank with our less dominant hand, or a computer mouse that is specifically made for the right handed typist.... the list goes on and on and on.
So in celebration of International Left-handers Day.....if you are right-handed, imagine yourself left-handed for a while. Eat with your left hand, write, shake a friends hand, throw a ball, stir a brownie mix, open a door.... try it all with your left hand!!!! What would change?
Go out and celebrate the southpaws that you know... because you have to admit.... we are ALWAYS in our right mind!!!!
Hey, and also.... go and BRIGHTEN SOMEONE'S DAY!!!

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