Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Do You invite to a Picnic?

If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all picnics? Marie Dessler

If you just happened upon my blog, Welcome!! 

If you are an old friend, thanks for continuing your support by visiting me today! 

I am having fun creating my blog. 

I like change.... honestly I do!  I am fearful sometimes at 'change'.... but most of all, I get bored doing the same ole same ole.  So, if you visited me last week, my blog MIGHT have looked different (finally figured out how to put my custom header at the top of the page).  Today, I'm working on the watermark for my photos (that's my signature line... so in case someone wants to try and copy my great photos and use them as their own).... and who knows what will happen next week. 

So, stay tuned for my fun!

This entire year on my blog I'm dedicating myself to find LIFE'S simple pleasures.
I - inspiring
F - feeling
E - evolving
S - shining
I'm seeking out FREE or relatively inexpensive ways to enjoy the simple things in LIFE.  We are into Week #35 of 2013 and this week I'm exploring picnics.
I truly enjoy eating (some) my summer meals outdoors not if it's 96 degrees like today with the heat index of 104 degrees ... well, if the conditions are perfect.... no bugs, low humidity and a light northeast breeze.
Well, I'm still working on coordinating my photos with my post... but if I took a picture a few months ago, sometimes I didn't quite capture what I might be writing about.  Today I wanted to point out a few of the different places we've had a picnic.  My pictures look more like I'm showing you the food... I am... so I'll just tell you the different places we've had a picnic.
Not shown.... don't you like that in a yearbook photo?  We've had a few picnics out the back hatch of our Honda ... but here are some of the other places...
Top left: our city's namesake.  Around 100 years or so ago when the Lake froze over in the winter a local ice company recalled how Crystal clear the lake was and perfect for creating the blocks for some of the first ice boxes (refrigerators) in some of the local Chicago areas, transported by horse and cart.
Top right: Local watering hole that was transformed from a Vulcan rock pit, to a beautiful recreation park.   A few weeks ago I commented here on my blog about our Kayak adventure.
In the above picture left: a scrumptious cookout with some lovely wine in our backyard oasis.
Right: company picnic held at the Picnic Grove in Six Flags Great America.
I can't help it, but I like a nice picnic and some great food! 
Can you believe all the people who blog about their food!!!!  I must admit.... it's kind of fun.
Come back tomorrow when I give a few recipes for some of that fine picnic cuisine!! Yummy!

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