Friday, August 30, 2013

Outdoor Dining Experience

It's Labor Day weekend! 
Honestly,  until I just wrote those words ... I didn't realize how timely this weeks' simple pleasure is.  Funny how this stuff works sometimes.  I give all the credit to my sub-conscious that is probably working overtime here on my blog! (And also give credit to it for my spelling errors and run on sentences.... it's out of my control)

It's the beginning of a new school year and it's the end of summer (for all those who actually think summer is the first day of Memorial Weekend and the last is Labor Day weekend)  I've had this discussion before.... summer actually ends Saturday, September 21.
Any way you look at it, having an outdoor picnic is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors!

Although shish-k-bobs are more of a barbecue type of food... why not go gourmet when picnicking in the backyard?  For some reason, presentation of the food makes it seem like it tastes better!!!  I've separated the vegetables from the meat.  We've learned over the years, and it seems quite obvious now... our vegetables were always quite crispy, while the meat may have been under cooked.  Then I figured out to separate the skewers and have separate veggie and meat ones. Voila`
Although we are no longer salt fans, we do marinate both meats (and sometimes the veggies) in tasty McCormick Grill Mates packets (of course frugally purchased as a loss leader for $1). Good ole zip lock bags, cut up meat, a little olive oil and water.... add the Chipotle Pepper marinade pack and as stated on the packet.... it truly is FLAVOR you can see!!
We squish the meat in the bag for a few hours while it's being refrigerated and right before we are ready to grill.... then I stick the skewers in!

Uncork a tasty bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine and add some fresh baked bread and it makes for a perfect.... end of summer meal!
Week #35 LIFE'S simple pleasures - a picnic
Pack up your food in a pretty basket, don't forget to add the napkins and make sure your iPhone camera is charged up ... get swept off your feet, create an attractive setting and discover the fun to be had with an outdoor dining experience!
Be Safe!
Brighten Someone's Day!

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