Monday, August 05, 2013

Lets All Play Fair

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This time each year in our hometown
The county fair comes our way
Where the folks gather round to be happy and spend their day...

Brian Wilson  the Beach Boys

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Week #32 LIFE'S simple pleasures - the fair

A fair is a gathering of people to display or trade produce or other goods, it is also a place to parade or display animals, it is often associated with a carnival.
We have never been to our county fair here in Illinois (we drove by one yesterday, but I don't think that counts!), but we have been to all kinds of fairs in Wisconsin and Tennessee.  We've also seen the animals and farm equipment, eaten deep fried food and cotton candy, watched exciting demolition derbys,  listened to on-site radio shows and live concerts, and ridden fun Ferris wheels and played games at the mid way!!!
Life is like a county fair
some rides are more fun
than others,
and some are more frightening
than others.

There are all kinds of fairs ~ county fair, country fairs, state fair, Renaissance Faire, World's fair, art fair, street fair, music fairs, book fair, craft fair.... sometimes festivals and flea markets are considered fairs.

Let's all go to the country fair,
there's blossoms and ribbons and hope in the air.
The harvest is in and we have time to spare,
and the best place to be is the county fair.

Have you seen any grand champions cows or chickens lately??

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