Saturday, January 02, 2010

Butterflies are free to fly

Don't they symbolize new life? Can we turn them into symbolizing a new year, fresh, beautiful, a clean slate to start over again.

This is a very awesome layout, love the brown and blue together. Now I'm seeing cards with almost 1" width ribbon. Much of mine is that quarter inch stuff....maybe by layering it, it will seem wider?? Love my Cuttlebug and all my embossing folders and die cuts, that my friend is a great tool!

I've heard two New Year's resolutions this year so far and both want to try and learn to be patient. Although I think you should be patient, I also think some people need to learn to tell their story a bit faster and a bit more efficient. Who wants to sit hearing some one drone on.... get to the point! Do you want my help or are you just venting? Of course I'm saying this jokingly!

Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: capable, willing to endure
Synonyms: accommodating, calm, composed, easy-going, enduring, even-tempered, forbearing, forgiving, gentle, imperturbable, indulgent etc...

Now to be patient with a smile on my face, with my eyes focused on the situation at hand and my body language relaxed, that will be a trick!

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Kim H. said...

New life is just awesome! I got to cuddle a new baby this week :)Your card is gorgeous!


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