Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

It is some one's birthday, somewhere, isn't it? Here is a purple card or is it eggplant... I got embossed images with the cuttlebug, I got ribbon, I got layers, I got dots, I got doodle images, and a wish for someone to have a very happy day!!!

All this on a little card, I'm happy, I can handle it, I'm in control!

But give me real life as a parent of an athlete, and boy do I screw up. All I thought I was doing was helping. The situation now is something completely out of my hands. My child is mad at me. We're upset at the place we pay hundreds of dollars to train our daughter to be a better player and it seems we get the run around, a few carefully placed remarks and comments to appease our outrage. How do we teach our children to do the right thing, when they now 'hate' the place they are supposed to love... when they feel this place makes them out to be a loser rather than a winner! Just a vent! No answers needed....


Chaotic said...

a lovely card for a lovely person... by an even lovelier one! Hang in there.. no one said parenting was easy. And if they did, they LIED!!

Kim H. said...

BIG BIG HUGS! Hang in there things will get better! Love your card!


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