Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana

Coach, Vera Bradley..... nah, cuter and less pricey...... little punched out purses.... You Go Girl and have a great birthday! This card with the colors and brads just turned out 'too darn cute'. Of course it'sslightly cased.

Well, I thought I was having a great day yesterday. Everybody back to school and work, I cleaned, I washed, I walked, I grocery shopped, pretty good huh??

As I'm talking with DH who is in OHIO, we get a call interrupted (7pm).... it was Bubba..... very casually he says he's run out of gas (mind you a block away from home) So, I take him the half gallon left in the can.... still doesn't start. We go to the gas station a mile away and fill up the gas can, go back to car. Fill up, still wont start. To me it sounded as if the battery wasn't getting enough juice. We drive home to get jumper cables..... then I make him try again(before we even try cables... can't open his hood, he's in work out shorts, it's about 10 degrees)... it starts! We go to gas station. Meanwhile, I called hubby again, he had an intense day of budget meetings, he's finally eating dinner at 9pm, but tells me the waiter had just spilled a picture of ice water on him. Ooops! okay.... so I deal with Bubba, tell him not to let the gas get that low, yadda yadda.... 8:20pm Sissy comes in crying from practice.... 4 days before they play their first tournament she gets moved 'down' a team status.... she is fighting mad and wants to quit!

I really had a good day, so I thought!

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Cheryl said...


It sounds like YOU DID have a good, productive day... YOUR CREW on the other hand, had more of a challenging day.



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