Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have a magical day!

Cute little card with glimmer and hope to tell you I'm thinking of you!!! The colors seem to match better IRL.

Now just what does that mean? Have a magical day... I guess you could say that to David Blaine, or David Copperfield or Criss Angel.... I'm sure they would have a magical day (their magicians if you didn't know) but to the average mortal....magical thinking is causal reasoning that often includes such ideas as the ability of the mind to affect the physical world ... they say Disney World is a Magical place.... some thing that affects the physical.... with the mind, mmmm.

Scored at GW yesterday, found a box of 50 notecards (white, embossed with a square image, a few are missing) but all 50 A2 envelopes were there, all for $1.99, thought it was better than nothing. Got a call about the receptionist job, I'm not what they are looking for..... but I'm good with that... maybe next time.


Kim H. said...

She is adorable! I wish I had a magic wand some days.....LOL Sorry to hear about the job- something better is out there!

Chaotic said...

I have a magic wand...made of ash.. :-)
I believe in magic! magic is using my will to effect conscious change


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