Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Mo' Joe

I get excited over little things. Little things bring me great joy!!! Due to wanting more balance coming into my life, I'm giddy about this. I enjoy the small stuff... although I sweat at times with this.

My friend Charlie's Mom, is the one who turned me on to iced coffee this past summer. I NEVER really ever drank percolated coffee in my 45 years. The hot-ness always made me too warm...can't drink anything hot when it's above 32 degrees out. I didn't like the flavor or taste.... but now with the coffee houses popping up all over the country and coffee being in vogue... I needed to at least try it again.

But I'm not doing this half way. The other day Charlie's Mom and I were talking about tea and coffee and coffee makers and hot water boilers and cups and caffeine.... and I was inspired Yesterday I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought some COPCO coffee house look a like cups, one for hot and one for cold. (Charlie's Mom enabled me!!!!) It's hard for me to say, but I DID NOT use a coupon. I was too excited when I found my treasures.

After that, I went to the library (I'm in between temp. jobs right now and I had just dropped Sissy off at school for one of her finals, the library in our town is a hopping place on a Wednesday at 9:30am). I found (just) ONE book to read. But then I thought..hmmm all this talk about coffee and tea... I want to find out more about it. Not how Starbucks started, but why these concoctions are so available, why do people meet over coffee, what else happens in a coffee house? One stupid talk show interviewed a husband whose wife was putting them into debt because she stopped at Starbucks twice a day because she 'deserved' an Iced Latte at $4.50 each. Go figure twice a day for a year (plus a few times she stopped and got a 3rd) $4.50 x 365=$3,285 ..... just for specialty coffee.
The resource service desk was too happy to help me find recipe books on hot drinks, and then I thought to ask about coffee fiction.... like a coffee book centered around those who meet at a drink establishment.... they were intrigued by my request and started searching and by the time I walked out of the library, 6 books later... I think I'm on to something. Author Sandra Balzo and her coffee series:
Uncommon grounds
Grounds for murder
Bean there done that
Brewed, crude and tattooed
From the grounds upI think there is more to come in regard to coffee, chai tea and this interesting concept of meeting over a cup o joe!! Look, I even create 'coffee' cards! Maybe I've had too much caffeine! :0)



Cheryl said...

Meeting over coffee has to originally derive from Tea Time, yes?

You're so funny. I love when you get excited about a topic.

Kim H. said...

I love the new cups! I make my own peppermint mochas. I can afford starbucks :) I think my are way better too! I can't wait to hear how the recipes go! Also, I need to know what you think of your new cups! LOL!

Chaotic said...

I'd meet ya for chats over tea OR coffee!!


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