Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zindorf Cards

I created a few Zindorf cards last week from Michelle's tutorials. She is so good at explaining each step . I think all of the cards turn out amazing!!! I always feel they need some words on the front, but they are just great for a blank greeting card to write a special note inside.

Had to take Sissy in for an orthodontic appointment this am at 7:40, so after I dropped her back off at school, I decided to go back the way I came and buy all those fun household things like: parchment paper, sandwich bags, hangers and Downy Softner. It is really nice to shop Target at 8:40 am..... all the shelves are stocked, the associates are friendly to help you find what you are looking for and checking out is a snap!

Since we've decided to keep Tucky, I'm tired of finding our bathroom garbage can knocked over. It's like we have a scrounging paparazzi checking out our stuff... so I found a cute little stainless can with a lid that you step on to open. That should stop him!!!! What we do as pet owners. (But I was looking for a new can for the can anyhow!) Great way to justify the purchase!!!


Kim H. said...

I love these! So gorgeous! I love shopping early in the day too! Happy trash can shopping!

Chaotic said...

What a great job!!I am never quite happy when I try to CASE MZ's stuff. I am hoping that my skill level increases after taking her class in March!! As for what we do for our pets, DO NOT GET ME STARTED! The zoo here can get really nuts!


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