Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Regular Joe

Like the concept, not sure if I'm happy with the image... the original gal was much cuter, but this will do for a fun coffee card.

As I purge and clean the piles on my desk of: scrap paper, real REAL scrap paper... there is scrap paper that card makers keep because it is possible to use again as a boarder or accent piece, and then there are the teeny scraps that we cut the edges off because something is just a hair too big..... slivers of paper that need to be thrown away. Packaging and bags, ribbon scraps.... things need to be tossed.... and other things need to find a home and be put AWAY. The busy mind of a cluttered desk of a creative worker.

Gave Cooper a bath yesterday. Well actually a shower!!! He's all handsome and clean and he has a special Greenbay Packer bandanna on. Well on the Tucker front.... since he has been so cute and no aggressive behavior, we are keeping him...."I" decided, he brings an excitement to our house that otherwise we wouldn't have. Not that that is a good reason to have a pet, but other than Tucker, we're so 'normal'. He's getting professionally groomed today.... am I crazy or what? I'll take a picture of the boys later!


Kim H. said...

It is s a different style for you...very Picasso like! I like it! Trying new things is good! Have bath day for the pups!

Chaotic said...

I like this!! Wish I had time to make some cards... working 12-14 hours a day SUCKS. Saturday I have 8am-2pm to myself & I am locking the doors, turning off the phones and CREATING CARDS!
Loved the slide show yesterday, just did not get to post. yawn.... off to bed


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