Monday, January 11, 2010

A lil bit of sunshine

Brrrr , the weather outside is frightful, but a bright and yellow card is delightful, for a Monday morning. Cute (Penny Black?) hedge hog. He is a fun guy to draw. Not sure if this should be a thank you, get well, or thinking of you friend card. It will just go into the blank category to be ready for any of those occasions. It SHINES!

Rough weekend of sports.... sad Packer loss. I'm a true Packer fan, watched every minute. I don't care if the defense didn't play that well, thus the highest scoring playoff game, but it was fun to watch. Bubba's hockey team lost on Saturday, but won last night.... it was his turn to sit out... so he didn't play.... oooops and I didn't go! And Sissy was playing in a 16's power league v-ball tourney this weekend (she's only 14.... but plays on the 15 and under team)..... they had a few tough losses throughout the event, and there is more drama.... but too much to get into here. In a way, I'm glad it's Monday and we can start this whole week, brand new, right?

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Kim H. said...

Your layout and card are great! I love the colors! So nice and bright! The Packer game was a great game, to bad they could not pull it off! Hope the new week is amazing!


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