Monday, January 18, 2010

Color my world

Simple card. Easy to send through the mail without extra postage. Use scrap leftovers to get all the heart images. The big hearts are Cuttlebug die cut and the small heart is just an old, old, $1 punch. And the more colors the better the card, but now you can use this for more than just V-Day.

As I sit here drinking my chai tea, I'm pondering the day. The kids are off of school because MLK day. Where to find balance? What to clean, what to create and what to read. The last one is a fun one.... started one of my 'coffee' murder I've said, the little stuff is better exciting, than sweatin the small stuff!


Cheryl said...

I got my 2nd card over the weekend. He's so cute!

On my resolution side... I pulled most of the crap out of my junk room to make room for the desk that's been riding around in my car with me for a week. :)

Hope your coffee murder mystery is full of fun today.

Kim H. said...

Simple and sweet! I'm in love with simple these days!

Chaotic said...

I love this card...simple & yet beautiful!


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