Monday, January 04, 2010

When Pigs fly

Here's "cupig". Totally cute and totally cased! This was a bit of a drawing challenge for me. I believe his original image is a Penny Black design. I think the little stress I have, goes out through my finger tips when I'm coloring. I feel like a 5 year old with my markers, water color pencils and my Prismacolored pencils (that I have had since college.) Just sitting here coloring circles and blending and building color, shading and highlighting. I'm in another world!

I wanted to capture at least one image at Christmas time. This is my fire place mantel. I took the head on straight shot, but too plain and boring..... so although you don't get to see what I'm really taking a picture of, I do like the shot. An angle down the mantel, the lights, the beads the garland and the stocking holders that spell NOEL.

So, what challenges are we up for today, this week, this month, this year? Tucker is actually sitting on my lap as I type this. That little boy dog is so cute. We had a family talk and 3 out 4 people want to keep him. Was it a ploy on the rescue owners part to make us keep him over the holidays? He has shown no signs of aggression. The story continues....The house is void of holiday stuff, except for three things we missed to pack away for the next 11 months. The house is quiet, the dishwasher awaits and so does the new treadmill.... oh plus grocery shopping..... today I do not miss having a job! But brrrr, bundle up 10 degrees out!

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Kim H. said...

I am HOG wild over you card! Adorable! I agree it is way to cold I want to just lay under my electric blanket all day!


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