Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishing to Espresso my thanks!

When coloring in an image you may want to match the background paper (if that is important to you) It is a key ingredient when making a card. Unless you want a totally off color weirdo card!!! Nothing wrong with eclectic cards! I'm just sayin'. But when it turns out that you have the image, had already colored it in, put the image in stock, then one day you find some great background paper and in looking through your images you find something 'hey' that will work! It's a good day!!! I like the minty green and blue together. Sorry, I don't know who the coffee image is from.

Brrrr!!! At least the sun is shining today! Wasn't quite feeling up to par yesterday. Winter blues... no, more like Winter blahhhhhhhsssss!!! One good thing, we had something delish for dinner.... A chicken pasta salad. Sissy's first look was ugh.... "That's a summer dish" ..... so? She had to come back and apologize after her first bite that it indeed was quite tasty!!! She is so quick to judge and show negativity! (nut doesn't fall far from the tree , eh?) The salad had seedless grapes, celery, red onion, chicken, egg, pasta and roasted cashew nuts! On a bed of lettuce with Red Lobster Kopy Kat recipe Chesapeake Cheddar Biscuits. Yum-O!

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Kim H. said...

Very warm and color card on this cold day! Dinner sounds so yummy! mmmm


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