Monday, February 20, 2012

Flower Box

Isn't this little package of flowers in a box, be-YOU-tiful?  In a round-about way they ended at my front door on Friday night, a regifting of sorts.  That's okay.... at least I was thought of..... they are so cute all packed in that square cardboard box and they smell wonderful!  I love the Gerbera daisy, it's huge!

The floral shop that made this is a few blocks away from our house.  In my mind I've wanted to stop in and ask if they need help with big orders.  I do have a certificate in Floral Design (from some 20 years ago, and I can't prove it).  Maybe some day.

When the flowers are done, I can't wait to take them apart and see how they put it together.  Now isn't that a weird sentence?

Nothing of me is original
I am the combined effort of everybody
I've ever known.

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