Monday, February 13, 2012

Inside the Dotted Lines

 The front cover to my ART Journal.  I love the water color 'splotch' next to the J..... un-intentional, I couldn't make that happen if I wanted to!  I plan on adding doodles and zentangled lines to the cover as I go along week to week.
Here is my red & pink page, with a swirly heart tree with a red punched bird.  Dots and dashes & hearts....Patterned paper is Mod Podged down to the page and then I built up acrylic paint color on and around the patterned paper, then I came in with a black marker.  Mixed media is something new for me, I like perfect lines and coloring on the inside, although this is a free-ing art form, it takes me a lot of work to be somewhat messy!

Little bit of a panic this morning.  Sissy's car stopped in the middle of traffic in the long line of cars on her way to school today.  It was the first time in a verrrrry long time we had some sort of crisis.  Luckily our house is about 1-1/2 away from the spot.... but she didn't know how to turn on her hazard lights and couldn't pull the car off to the shoulder of the road and everybody was honking and staring at her. I helped her get her car off the main road and took her to school, but triple AAA had to tow the car to 'our car man' and I think it might be the transmission!  Gulp!!!!  Thank goodness she wasn't in an accident, it wasn't snowing and I wasn't on my way to work..... but I'm sure the car issues will continue... stay tuned!

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K Hutchinson said...

Your page looks lovely! Great layers! As you tell, I'm way behind my blog reading!


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