Friday, February 10, 2012

Piggie Pops

Ending out the week with another cute pork roll. I really like how the scalloped black background frame really 'pops' on this card... it really draws you into the cute pudgi-ness of this cute little piggie bringing poseys! For you?  Remember, there is never a wrong time to send FuN MaiL!!!!

Seven (?) layers, pinks and reds, swirls, flowers, hearts and ribbon, a doodled dude is super perfect for a su-weet valentine friend!

Almost done with my first week at the new job.  I take a lot of deep breaths...just breathe!!   I have finally learned that I'm not going to get stressed over things I'm just learning... new terms, new people, new habits....I used to be so worried about that kind of 'stuff'... but I know I'm really doing the best job I can!

Looking out my beautiful window to the world (typing this at my kitchen table looking into the back yard).... I keep reminding myself that it is winter... the grass is completely bare from any traces of snow. Winter in the mid-west and no snow?? It's a gloomy day today too, so that makes it perfect for the winter blues.... but just gotta turn that frown upside down.  No football this weekend...that is strange too!

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