Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good Luck

You might know that I was fortunate enough to have two very special friends who purchased gifts of Card of the Month from me.  I send out 5 specialty creative greeting cards every month.  You've heard of fruit of the month club, or wine of the month.... this is card of the month or COTM.  I take some special time to create cards that reflect the season, or holiday for the next month.  This week I mailed out the cards for March and they have a St. Patricks' Day theme.

People often say, I don't send out cards for St. Paddy's day, or Halloween or even Valentine's day.... and to that I say phooey!!!!!!  If you have special people in your life, there is never a bad time or a Hallmark holiday that doesn't give you a chance to connect or re-connect and let someone know you are thinking of them, they are special, you hope they are having a good day, or a good week.  We all know that we'd rather get FuN MaiL.....  than another bill or junk mail!!!

The card really doesn't say anything about St. Patrick's Day.... it's green, it has a few 4 leaf clovers and it says Good Luck on the inside..... but you really could send it for any reason.  All cards were doodled and then colored in with water color pencils.  Computer generated sentiment.

And as part of the unique COTM, each 'member' gets a special something else.  I've been having a blast making tags and they get two each.  Tags like this are almost a card themself.... or the would look great on a gift box, tied to the neck of a bottle of wine, or even tied around a candy bar with curly ribbon!! Good Luck can be wished upon, anytime of the year!

The day you decide to do it is your lucky day - Japanese Proverb

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