Friday, February 17, 2012


 Wow, this week just zipped by.  Hard to believe on Monday we were having issues with the #3 car and stuck in traffic.  I've worked my second week on the new job and there is no snow on the ground in the middle of February in the mid-west!

Above is a page from my SMASH book, a simple notebook full of ideas.  One day, back in early January I was doing a little blurfing and was trying to figure out what kind of New Year I could have.  Everybody says they want to loose weight... see any of those commercials on tv now??    There are all kinds of goals.  On one blog I saw that to start the new year off right, you need to be SMART in your goal setting.  So, I decided that I could put a spin* on things and all new experiences (and old ones as well), if I worked my goal on mySELF.... being a little SELFish.... Seeking, Exploring, Learning, Finding ~ is the acronym.

I can put a lot of different words to fit the acronym and fit the occasion.... but ultimately what I'm trying to do is a better version of me!  You can follow my year here on my blog, in the label section after I've posted in goes in the SELF 2012 spot.
*spin - a particular viewpoint
I could make a ton of these thank you cards, love the clean lines, the punch and the simplicity of the statement.  This type of card you could match any occasion with the special patterned paper that goes behind the circle punch.  Little present paper, thanking for birthday gifts, heart paper.... I'm going to have to keep this pattern in mind!

You don't have to be crazy to work here... we'll train you! ~ pinterest

Have you sent out any FuN MaiL this week?
Brighten someone's day!

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