Monday, February 27, 2012

Know in your Heart

I love this card!  I think the grey and the pink are a winning combination!!!  It has a softness to it!  This creative greeting can be sent at any time of the year.  Oh, and of course it can be given with a beautiful gift.  And sure, it can be tucked away in some Sweeties carry on luggage when they leave for a few days.  Inside there is plenty of room to right a note or even a poem from the heart.

I actually first saw this card on Pinterest.  Yikes, I guess they are having some issues with copy right laws.  I may be totally wrong (and I am, often) but I thought one of the reasons Pinterest started because people (mostly women) wanted a place to share cool ideas.  We blog surf and then want to share with our friends what we found, a cute outfit, a fun hair style, a tasty looking new recipe, a funny quote, a happy uplifting saying.... it was for showing off and sharing... not stealing and not giving credit for things we didn't do first. It's true, inspiration can happen anywhere, but it was nice to have a little blog to have it all in one spot..... because it was successful, someone saw a loop hole in the law or someone took advantage of someone, somewhere.

Pinterest is primarily for women ...... but gets really funny when they start putting quotes on their own blog about it's for woman planning weddings they'll never have, furnishing homes they'll never own and filling closets with clothes they can't afford.  These people can hoard secretly... just by having hundreds of pictures of things the LIKE!

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