Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet Birdie

Have any ideas what kind of sentiment I should put on this card?  Hello there sweetie! What's new with you? Tweet friend!  Sometimes I like to make cards without the sentiment, and then when an occasion comes up, I can just match the card to the event.  Although we are past Valentine's Day I still like sending FuN MaiL.... you can send sweet luv cards, anytime!

Working full time today.  I'm starting to get the job now.  I am so happy that I didn't get frustrated in the first few days.  I finally got it through my brain that it would take days... up to a few weeks to understand the job, the new terms and the flow system of processing orders. By no means am I 'ready' to work full time, and I am very blessed and grateful for the choices we made for our family.  Right now, I still have the choice!  :0) Is Spring here?  Should  we just be waiting for the blizzard to come?

1 comment:

K Hutchinson said...

Such a sweet card, I really don't think it needs a sentiment. Glad you are liking the job more!


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