Friday, July 27, 2012

6 Ways to view Gus

Wow, I LEARNED a lot of new things this week.  Scroll down my blog and you can see 6 different fun creative greetings of Gus the Beagle / Basset hound.

Things I re-learned?  I have lots of paper and doo-dads I really can use it in so many ways. The layouts that I found through web searches are awesome inspiration to make every single card I create, unique to itself! 

You have to look close but I stitched all around the chevron paper.  Added a cute Tim Holtz paper clip with matching ribbon knotted to show off some flare! Look for
the not so hidden ♥

And I worked on Photoshop, a lot!  Probably can't tell that much of a difference on my pics.... but I'm working on better lighting and layout of the card when I take the actual picture.  I'm learning how to enhance the light on the photo in the Photo shop program, add a frame around the picture to give it a soft glow and add a signature watermark. 

At times I should take a picture of my work area... I have a Photo Shop for Dummies yellow and black book open on my desk amongst my pens and pencils, my laptop is wide open learning from wonderful on-line classes on the web and of course...I'm being over stimulated by all the colors and shapes in my creative studio.  I'm on a learning high!

Thanks for stopping by, scroll down and view all 6 cards in the Gus series.  He's a cute hound to doodle.  FuN MaiL is going right in someone's mail box.

Go ahead,
Brighten Someone's Day!!!!!
My greeting cards are always for sale.... much better than Hallmark, trust me!!!


jumbledhutch said...

Your Gus series is adorable! I love all his different looks!

jumbledhutch said...

Your Gus series is adorable! I love all his different looks!

Peggy said...

Thanks Kim....I love it when a doodle turns out!!!!Feels good!!!


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