Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Personal(ized)

A couple of weeks ago I was presented a challenge. And here is the final result. A personalized mirror/frame that is FULL of love ♥.

 One of the supplies I received last year as part of a class was an Ikea mirrored frame.  Although I loved the idea that we were given to create in the class, I didn't feel it would fit the decor of my home.  So, I didn't do it, but I kept the unfinished mirror in my stash and have had the idea in the back of my mind, for a rainy day or a any special day project....

Working on my Art Journal this year has re-introduced me to Mod Podge and ripped paper images.  So, when I was challenged to send some love ♥, I thought the perfect way was to create the image with words that represent this special person. Words she wrote, words she said, words that literally describe her, and unfortunately with some spelling errors (argh! but heck that's what makes it original, right?)
Here we have it... layer upon layer of computerized sentiment art.  Layer upon layer of Mod Podge. Fun funky paper punched flowers adding a bit of whimsy to each corner.
One of a kind art from the ♥! 


Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry said...

I love it! I was so excited when I opened it up. :-)

jumbledhutch said...

Oh my heavens, this is just gorgeous! What a great gift!
It is fun to challenge ourselves and give FUN stuff.


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