Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hello, sunSHINE!

Seventeen years ago... I casually walked into the hospital in Wisconsin to start a new chapter in our our lives... delivering this sweet baby girl and 25 days later moving with her, a newly 2 year old big brother and their dad to Tennessee. 
The stars began to dance and the fireworks went off the next day!
Happy Birthday Sissy!!

I took on a small challenge using popsicle sticks and somehow tried my hand to make them SHINE!  I was actually surfing through Facebook over the weekend and a cute picture like the size of mine above came about... some friendly artist posted a pic of this similar design but she used a huge wooden palette to make a great wall hanging. I'm a fan over there at Hobby Lobby.... crafty, creative and cute people inspire me, what can I say???

 I scaled mine down, much, much, much smaller.... and made my 'hello' sunSHINE palette out of four popsicle sticks, a little acrylic paint and some mod podge.   I'm thinking this will work perfect as a gift tag off of one of my 'creative greeting' card packs!

Go on over to the House of Shine and see what Claudia did with her popsicle sticks: http://houseofshine.com/BLOG/tabid/67/entryid/625/Shineworks-July-2012.aspx
She is creative, full of spirit, fun and she's got moxie!!!!  Get your Shine on, and then go
Brighten Someone's Day!  Send some FuN MaiL!

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K Hutchinson said...

Happy Birthday, Sissy! Hope she has an amazing day!

Lobe your little popsicle SHINE! SO cool! Shine on, my friend!


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