Monday, July 30, 2012

Lollipops aren't just for Lickin'

Here's a sweet treat to look at!  Ever have a Lollipop Moment?

I wanted this creative greeting card to be bright and colorful and full of fun things to catch your eye.  Swirls and stripes, glitter and pop ups!

So many words mean so many different things these days.  A bird used to tweet, but now that's what you do while texting 140 characters on Twitter.  A mouse is something a cat would chase, now you use it to guide your cursor on the computer screen.

And a Lollipop Moment is when somewhere in time, someone entered your life and made a difference. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading...

I'm willing to give it a try... spread a little SH!NE, Brighten Someone's Day... help create a Lollipop Moment.... what about you?

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