Friday, July 20, 2012

So She Did

I like to think I'm pretty crafty.  I lean more toward the Folk Craft World than fine art.  I like to make things and give them away, but if I make a little money on the side, it's just a perk to re-invest in my supplies to create more art!

There has always been a creative studio spot in all of our homes.  Boxes and bins full of popsicle sticks and yarn!!  Baskets with markers and glue. I've been a room mom where I've brought crafts in for the kids to make during class parties.  I've even instructed adults in a few sessions of cardmaking and crafting... so being artsy fartsy is a part of my life. Sadly, the kids weren't much interested in creating their own fun from bits and pieces, scraps and inkings!

Can you believe? Well I do.... but Pinterest sparked Sissy's interest.  And she created the above canvas.  It is a perfect quote and a job well done in painting, stencil lettering and overall completion.  She says she even had fun making this... while sitting on the front porch on a very, very, VERY hot summer afternoon 2012.  She wrapped it up with a bow and gave it to a very special friend.  The smile on her face is priceless. 

I think anyone can do something ... anything... as long as they really WANT to.  Some skills and life challenges are a bit more involved... but you never know until you try.

Maybe too, she'll understand that I'm not just doodling up in my office again... I'm working on creating SMILeS!
Brighten Someone's Day!

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