Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our mini Cooper

 Just a cool reminder how the weather used to be here about 6 months ago.  One day I made a snowman, just because I could and a snapped a cute shot with my loyal friend Cooper.  Isn't he handsome?  He has been an inspiration for many photo shoots and lots of cards.  I love my dogs!

Cooper turned 7 last month.  His muzzle is starting to show a little grey, here and there.  But he is still spry and spunky when he wants to be.  While walking the neighborhood we happen upon a new walker, and they often want to know how old our 'puppy' is... when we say 7 they are shocked.  He holds his age well, I guess!
I've morphed a doodle from Marisse Carrier and turned it a bit Cooper-esc.  I am trying very hard to clean my creative space (use up the old) and am going through my extra paper stash and my doodle bin to try and come up with unique and whimsical cards that are just lying in wait to be created!  I was inspired by a few blogs that had layouts and figured these left overs with my doodle shapes would make two perfect cards!
A few weeks ago I posted that I had fallen into one of our window wells trying to retrieve a small friend we named Chip.  Cooper is nothing but a vigilant and dedicated varmint dog.  He sits and waits for hours amongst the hostas and bushes around our house.  Waiting for a glimpse or a chance to play with small furry friends.  Well, I'm happy, or maybe sad to report that he finally caught "A" Chip.

Stop reading here if you have a queasy stomach: I helped in the demise of Chip.  Seems Cooper heard Chip and gave chase around to the back of the house.  Chip ran up a plastic down spout.  Cooper knocked the downspot off and started rolling it around the yard.  Mom (me) came out to find what the commotion was about and noticed a scratching noise coming from the plastic tube. I tipped it up and nothing, then I tipped it down and heard a scurry of scratching noises. 

Something was inside the tube.  Cooper started pawing at the tube, his eyes were intense, almost pleading with me... "Mom, I've got this one".  Not to be cruel, but I let Cooper have a go at the 'caged' animal.  He rolled the tube around the yard, stuck his snout into each open end, he pawed at the baffles in the middle.  Not that there are any gory details... but Chip did not make it.  Cooper was triumphant!  We showed everyone in the house Cooper's prize and awarded him with words of great praise for his catch!

With a nature wonderland like our backyard, there is MORE where that came from.  Every day, our loyal Cooper waits for hours hidden amongst the hostas, shadowed from the hot summer sun.  He is now waiting, and waiting, and waiting.... maybe for Dale to cross his path!

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole. ~ pinterest

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