Friday, July 06, 2012

I've been Framed

Everything looks better with a black frame around it!  In this case, don't you think??? It makes the patterned paper pop out from the card.  I think I made it wonky on purpose too!! :o)  That way there is more room for the top butterfly to flutter around!!!!

I am liking these layouts more and more each week.  I get inspired by Mojo Monday.  If you want, check over on the right side of my blog and you can find a link.  This layout and design can be used for any thing, any type of patterned paper, even solid card stock.    There are over 10 layers of paper here, but it seems simple and clean.  Change the butterflies out and add punched balloons, birds, leaves... anything.... change the sentiment out and it can be a thinking of you, get well soon or Happy Hellos!!! Change the frame from black to pink and great for a girly girl card.  Change it to orange and it could be a fall card.  The combinations... are endless!

I just love these type of card layouts that you can mix and match and the outcome no matter which products you use, will be top notch!!!

Illinois has been breaking records!  Man it's been hot, hot... hot out!!!  We're supposed to see another day hitting 100  degrees before any cooler temps come our way.  Our poor lawn looks like a hay field.  We've been water spots in the yard, and you can tell.  I'm very thankful for working airconditioning!

Hope and change surround me.... my head and my heart can't stick to one page!!

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