Monday, July 09, 2012

Down by the Fountain

Through my window to the world, I see a lot of activity.  That window is my kitchen window that leads out to our backyard.  Birdies are swooping down to the ground from the trees, snacking on mulberries that have made their way south due to gravity.

Fanny, the doodled flamingo is strutting her pretty real pink stuff.  My main goal in card making the past week has been to use scraps from my stash and find  layouts that I can utilize as many complimentary layers as possible.  I don't want it overbearing and messy... but just kind of full!

The birds love our little water fountain and our birdbath.  With temperatures hovering around 105 degrees the past week, they too have needed some relief.  Cardinals, finches, robins and woodpeckers, line up on the glider, waiting for their turn to dip their toes in the cool bubbly water.

Faith, Hope & Charity are all Penny Black designs, doodled by me.  They're on stage ready to wish someone special a happy day.... no matter what the occasion is!  Flowers, sweet notes and a bouncy balloon all in tow are ready to spring on special wishes. The fantabulous fun thing about this card is the punched frame.  It really isn't a die cut, but a boarder punch that with just the right dimensions, I learned how to construct a frame, and no need for a special corner punch.
In between the shadows dancing from the sun filtering through the trees, squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies play games through the mulch and hostas that flank the burms outback.  No matter the weather, we have a small nature garden just feet away from our back door. The flurry and fluff is never ending.

These two love birds can't help but have googlie eyes for each other.  Shake them up a bit and they're looking somewhere else.

There is so much activity all around, yet some things seem to take sooo long to change.  Don't give up now!

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