Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fox and Friends

Eclectic mix of pictures today. 

My head is bouncing with all kinds of ideas!! While trying my hand at a little photo shoot the other day, my little fozzy bear, Tucker, just plopped down on my white cardboard 'studio'.  Who could resist that face??? He turned 4 last month and is still a ball of fuzzy fire!!!!
Gname the gnome who has been with us since the beginning of my blog, got a make-over the other day.  He was a little worn from all the mid-west weather elements, 100 degree heat, snow, freezing temperatures and rain... so I pulled out the acrylic paints and brushes and freshened him up a bit.  He's a little shy and promptly turned away as I was snapping his pictures!

Among the crunchy leaves and crispy twigs that have fallen out back, there is beauty!  I have been watering my lilies diligently and on three stems I got about 8 gorgeous blooms.  They smell wonderful! I wanted to capture them in full bloom.  A photo like this could be a true inspiration for a creative greeting!!
Sent any FuN MaiL lately???
Brighten Someone's Day!

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