Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trilogy by Design

 Card number 3, in this weeks card trilogy. 

All three cards are connected with the same mono-chromatic color scheme and I used two different 4" x 6" patterned paper sheets to add the major color pieces to all the cards.  Other coordinating paper scraps were added from my stash.
All three cards have a different feel to them as well.  The top 'thank you' card is very simplistic and straight forward.  The punched circles are all 'perfect' in their rows. The ribbon and the punched edge are all very calculated.

The second card, although there is no sentiment, it could be used a number of different ways, from a thinking of you card... anywhere in between, up to a hello note card!  The different size banner shapes and the book fringe make this card somewhat, versatile,  eclectic and spirited.
The hugs and kisses card is most planned.  It follows a layout from Mojo Monday (if interested, scroll down to find that blog over to the right -->).  The shapes are all uniform, there is a mix and match theme to the pattern paper... plaid then paisley, paisley then plaid. I colored the little girls hair and the hearts to the reds and oranges throughout the card palette.  And this last card has the most detail with multiple  layers, framing, added floss, faux stitching holes, the banner sentiment and crystal effects to pop out the hearts!

Today's post was a two fold project, actually.  I wanted to use up all the paper I had pulled to work on the cards, so I found 3 completely different ways to do that.  And, I also learned how to sharpen the color and add a watermark stamp to the cards while working on my skills in Photo Shop! I'm LEARNING (something new, almost every day)

I'm really happy my plan came together.  Now get out there, order some creative greetings from me, your humble starving artist card maker and send some FuN MaiL..... it WILL
brighten someone's day!

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