Tuesday, July 17, 2012

X & O's

Oh, I just love how this card turned out!  (I guess I wouldn't really be showing you cards that I didn't like how they turned out now, would I?)

The title should be O's ( the circle indicates arms around someone for a hug) and  X's (which where the two points meet together in the middle are lips kissing)  But it hugs and kisses not kisses and hugs!!!

Not that it's the end all solution to my dilemma, (artistic and life)  but I think sometimes I get overwhelmed with too many ideas.  Let's say I visit 5 blogs regularly, every day.  I get ideas, I'm inspired, I'm roped into the bloggers life and aha moments occur when new ways to use old things arise.  But some days, those 5 blogs lead me to at least two more new blogs (each and so on and so on) , then I happen to be at Splitcoast Stampers, then Pinterest comes my way, then I happen upon Ustream... do you see where I'm going?

No, no... not that the whole day is wasted, but the whole time I'm inspired, and then that stimulates me too much.... all these creative people I have come into contact with (via the computer) and they are all giving us their best.... wow!!  That, is a lot of pressure!

This card was inspired by a Mojo Monday sketch.  I try not to 'cheat' and look at the other entries before hand.  Some creative soul gives us a card layout with circles and squares, and all kinds of shapes, and then we are supposed get our Mojo to get creative.
Here is a close up view of the area where 3 of something were to be put.  Lately, I've been on a kick of wanting to create 'flat' cards so that they don't have a problem going through the postal service.  So, instead of buttons.  I adhered matching card stock to tag board and then embossed it to give it dimension, circle punched them and then used them like buttons.

I'm only one person comparing myself to hundreds... the competition is stiff... but I have to give myself a break... I wasn't born to fit in, I was born to stand out! ~ Dr. Suess

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