Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy Hellos!

Just like the weather outside, my picture seems a little warm and fuzzy!  It's been hot, hot, hot and very humid the past week.  We need rain!  If it isn't something... it's another!

What would life be without my fur-babies?  The UPS guy stopped by on Friday.  Didn't even need to ring the door bell.  Cooper made such a fuss, then that started Tucker with crazy barking up and down the stairs.

We always know when it's dinner time as they gather around their bowls, patiently, pleading with us and those beautiful brown eyes, blink FEED ME.... now!

And for walks, it's beastly hot out there, but both dogs lay with their chin in their paws and look at me.  Last night we wanted to walk 'outside' the neighborhood and even Tucker knows that when I walk over to get my car keys in the kitchen, it's not only a walk but a fun ride in the car with the windows open. Wheeeeee!!!!

I loved the bright basic colors of this card.  They were all scraps left on my cutting board from a previous project.  Doggie doodle is based on Marisse Carrier designs. Simple but fun card today.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.~ Roger Caras

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