Monday, January 09, 2012

Define Your Art

Despite the fact that I'm thrilled about it, I have to blog about the big elephant in the room (look at those trunks in the above picture, ha ha) ... there is NO snow in my backyard on Jan. 9, 2012.... there has only been a trace, a light dusting.... it is very weird.  I can't help but feel this is so unusual.  The college boy, who is still home for another 6 days... asked me recently if I remember not having a Christmas or a winter without snow....I can't recall and give you a day and a year.... however, this is very strange here in the mid-west.  The "snow" insurance DH bought back in October has really paid off.... hee hee.... he bought a brand new snowblower! Since we were losing one shoveler!

Officially ... winter is until March 21.  February 2nd is ground hog day.... what will I be posting about in the next few weeks.... I'm almost scared to think about it!

So excited to show off my card today..... no CASe-ing.... all me!  My image.... but when you have two buddies this cute, it's easy right? 
I'm trying to work with mixed mediums, getting my creative muscles working in the Jump Start summit... art journals... paint, water color, ink.... I'm outside my comfort zone as an ARTIST. (not shown) In defining a graphic artist for an email recently, I really think I am one....A professional discipline that focuses on visual communication and presentation through typography, visual arts and page layout! I like crisp outlines and defined shape and a clear cut message.

It's a good Monday morning to think of all the possibilities the up coming week will bring.  What new things will I LEARN?  Can I FIND new ways to express my SELF* in Art, cooking, communication, friendship.... please come back and find out!

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Anonymous said...

It just does not feel like winter without snow, at least for me! I think trying new mediums builds you as an artist! You are so very talented, my friend! Love your card today!


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