Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Huggy Pebmann

Kind of looks like a teddy bear floating in the air or something? 

I was trying to be cute.... I got a new 2012 calendar from Farm & Fleet for $.99 last week.... obviously almost a whole month into the new year, but I'm fine with that, and the price.  The calendar is about a teddy bear and each month he is in a different situation.  The bear reminds me of mine ♥.... and the month of January he was doing snow angels!  I had to get outside quick and snap a picture before our 4" of snow melts again!!!  We are at 43 degrees and lots of  'bear' grass is showing, again.

His name is Duepur (I think more like Doopur) .... a mix of the word Purdue.  Almost 24 years ago my husband and I met at a company function.  The week after we officially met, he flew off to Ohio(?) to watch Purdue basketball play in the final 4 (?)  I went to surprise him at the airport with our little mascot and a big I miss you hug!!  Bears (yuck, not the Chicago Bears, phooey)  have been a big part of my greeting card creating.... my first faux company name was Huggy ..... and I also toyed with Beary Patch Crafts. Stay tuned and see what path Doopur goes down! I've got my camera ready!!!

Let's open our minds wide, so we can let more in.


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