Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 Hearts, hearts everywhere, in a line, singled, doubled, big hearts, little hearts, traditional hearts, broken hearts, conversation hearts, hearts made into other things..... all fun ways to describe for paper crafters what interesting things we can do with a simple little shape.  Here are some colorful pink, blue and brown hearts (they may look familiar, they are part of COTM.... and the tags I showed the other day used the same pieces, just another way) these are all balancing on a knotted red string looped through two SH!NE-y eyelets.  Added a 'few' kisses to the sides by xxxx down the edge to give it some faux stitching.
My window to the world... looking out into the backyard through the kitchen windows, I see little finches swooping down from the trees to get a snack from the bird feeder.  They are so fun to watch... and as I type, they catch my eye as they zoom by.  Here are two sweet birds Zindorf style. A special card with a congratulatory wish... the sentiment is slightly popped up.

Loss: feeling it again.  Ten years ago about this time, every day was a busy day.  The weekends were filled with basketball games and dance recitals.  There was piano and violin lessons and sports practices.  Five years ago... there were volleyball games and hockey games.... and now... there is NONE of that....zilch....the hustle and bustle of activity is very quiet in my house.... it is very noticeable... and I'm a bit(understatement) sad and broken hearted about that loss...with my Year of SELF... I am Learning ways to embrace new and old feelings... and hope I Find these memories created and enriched a happy family!


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