Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skip a Beat

Graduated color.... from pale pink hearts all the way up to beating red hot!  This was a fun card to make.  The key to anyone's heart. It is a post card front situated on a greeting card, a twofer!

The heart is the center of all vital organs, the red (blood) the passion, the strong emotion of love are all part of this little holiday we call Valentine's Day! A perfect time to send out FuN MaiL .... don't go to Hallmark, give creative greetings a chance..... lots of love, friendship, thinking of you cards available. :0)

Oh, my heart skips a beat
When we walk down the street
I feel a trembling in my knees
And just to know you're mine
Until the end of time
Makes my heart skip a beat ~ Buck Owens


Cheryl Wilson - O'Pry said...

I meant to post yesterday... I love when I see a picture of something on your blog and then it shows up in my mail!! So fun!!

Peggy said...

Beat, beat.... you got it!


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