Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's All in the Details

Shopping and Christmas are synonymous don't you think?  Woman and shopping..... completely compatible.. Scrappers and paper crafters on a limited budget ... means SMART shopping.  All I can say is be careful out there when you shop, look at the sticker prices on the item, on the shelf, watch the cashier ring up the item and by all means check your receipt before leaving the parking lot!

On this post I'm adding a few pictures of some the mini books and notebooks I have.  The little details and the fun do-dads make these books fun and whimsical.  It's like eye candy for the creative soul.  Textures, dimensions & color.

Last week I was at a big box craft store more known for carrying material.. we'll call it J's.  I've had 'trouble' there before.... is it computer error, the way the sale's tags hang from the shelves, or is it the checkout registar, human error, or all of the above?  This last time I bought a super uber nice paper punch, it had a big orange-ish red sticker blaring on the front CLEARANCE $8.99 .... deal!!!  BEFORE I check out, in my mind I have an idea of what my total should be.... in the city this store is located there is not only state tax, but city & county tax added on the receipt!  Something was fishy.... the clearance item rang up at full price...$20.  She had to re-ring the entire bill, give me a re-fund and start the transaction all over again.

Yesterday I was at M's with Christmas gift card in hand.... and 4 items in the other hand.  ONLY 4 comes to mind.... chatty clerk, beautiful day yadda yadda.... I wasn't sure of my gift card total....rings up 'everything'.... one of my items was on an endcap... did it have the 40% tag on it???? Good prices!!!  I walk out of the store... get in the car and she only rung up 3 items. (Yet all 4 were there in the bag)  WWYD.... what would you do... walk back in for a $4 item and say "Hey, you under charged me?"  Ugh!
Also too, be a good consumer at a fast food restaurant.  I know special orders did upset us, multiple orders being paid from one car in the drive thru were often a pain the @ss, silly people say two Big Mac's one they mean one... I worked at McDonald's for almost 5 can be a tough job (insert sarcasm...maybe?) ....within the past year I stopped at a drive thru to get a 'happy meal', right amount of food... I still like McDonalds....3 items in my happy meal....a burger, fries, and a drink... they forgot to put the 'freakin' fries in the little happy meal box.  It was an order of 3 items.... and they forgot one.... how hard can that be????  I guess very!!

I'm one little consumer.  My items didn't cost that much.  But how many people are walking away from the register with in-accurate register receipts.  Stay tuned... as I will share a story about our experience getting passports.... employee names and store numbers on the receipt really do mean something!!

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