Monday, January 23, 2012

Hearts and Dots

Oh, a new color combo that really looks adorable for a valentine tag .... light pink, pale blue and brown. I was so happy how these turned out.  Felt like I really had a winning combination and layout.

Tags are great on a gift instead of a bow.  They are awesome to attach to a full size candy bar and write a bit of inspiration or good fortune on the back, or fun to dangle off the side of some bubbly bottle with a hearty cheers!

Maybe these are a little busy,  but I had fun adding dots and cut outs and circles and hearts and tying it up with a bow!  A festive Valentine Gift tag that is going out with February's COTM.

Had about 5" of snow on Friday during rush hour... it was a mess.  Thank goodness I don't have to drive in it, but DH did.  A normal drive home for him on a good day is 20 minutes, Friday it was 1 hour and 15.  We finally got to use our snow 'insurance'.  DH (dear hubby) felt our little snow thrower (not blower) had difficulty getting through the end of the driveway with the 3 feet of snow we had last February...and since we were losing a snow shoveler in College Boy and there was talk of having a very severe winter in 2012 (El Nina`), he found a great deal on a pretty nice big blower.  I hope I entertained anyone who was looking our way as I was trying to maneuver it around.  But we must have got a few inches of rain overnight..... there is bare grass once again that was just 6" all around yesterday.... it says 42 degrees out.  Perfect combination for winter colds to sneek in!!!

It's strange but wonderful, but the house is back to 'normal' today.... new high school semester started, college boy is back at it, hubby is off making the bacon.... although bitter sweet.... I can crank up some tunes and dance around the house.... if I want to! :)

Come back again and see what's going on!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable tags! This has been a crazy winter we are having! UGH! My boys are off today, so tomorrow everything will be back to normal for me! Thank goodness! Enjoy your tunes!


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