Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tiny Presents

I'm always SEARCHING for clever ideas ...(Pinterest is still so inspiring)  This gift card holder is even better when it is created with fun and interesting PP (patterned paper)  Both tiny presents are cute, but the one on the right (I think) just seems a bit more whimsical.  My style.  They measure approx. 3" w x 4" h when completed.  The top slides off and keeps the gift card secure inside the 'box' part of the gift.  Add some scrunchy ribbon to the top (lid part of the gift)  and the packaged gift card holder is complete... maybe a fancy tag zipping off the side would be perfect finishing accent! To you -----> from Me  It could actually be put in some FuN MaiL.... (don't want to pay extra postage) sans the ribbon... hmmm will have to come up with something for that!

I'm LEARNING something new... thinking outside the 'box' and creating pages of mixed media in my new ART Journal.  I did a quick video below in the next post to let you see what it's all about.  I don't mind being messy, but I realize in this first week of journaling that my art before has been quite precise, clean and small.... mostly on cards.  I'm not ready for big canvas art... but have moved my way up to a 11" x 14" piece of blank paper.... and that is a lot of space to fill up!

Snowy, icy, icky day.... finals for Sissy.... her first time driving in this 'stuff'.  Makes for a nervous ma ma. 

I am working on my SELF.... it's time to get moving in

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