Thursday, January 12, 2012

Left-Over Scraps

I've mentioned this before, I like to watch the tv show Hoarders, or Buried Alive.  It's like a train wreck. I am fascinated how truly horrible some people live (honestly, it is really really sad and I hope the people get help).  And I've heard this too, it makes us(me) want to clean up my little piles of clutter because I don't ever want to become like someone on the show.

Paper crafters lovingly and laughingly admit they hoard supplies... especially pretty paper.  We love to buy it, don't want to use it, then it hurts to cut into a 'fresh' piece and then we can't throw away even the tiniest of scraps. We could use them.... someday!
Now, for writing purposes I'm embellishing a bit.... but I always think I can use that 'scrap' paper. I have a seperate bin just for scraps that measure 3" or smaller.  Well, I did find a cute card layout I could use my 1"w x 3" h color scraps.  Added a bit of twine and a kind sentiment.... easy and simple .... yet colorful card!

We are hearing that we might get 'snow'.... up to 7" possible... yikes! Come back tomorrow and see what happened!

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